Trees and Shrubs

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Adding trees and shrubs to your landscape is a great way to make it more vibrant, inviting, and complete. We have experienced staff that can help you decide what plants are best suited to your needs in order to make your yard beautiful, functional, and healthy.

Flowering Trees

Double Flowering Plum

One of the earliest trees to blossom in the spring. Blooms pink flowers

Prairie Fire Crab Apple

Produces beautiful pinkish red blooms and crab apples.

Pee Gee Hyndrangea

Produces white flower clusters in a cone shape instead of the common round shape.

Mountain Ash

Produces white flower clusters in the spring and orange-red berries in the fall.

Japanese Lilac

Produces beautiful white flowers throughout the summertime.

Landscape Shrubs

Korean Lilac

Slow growing, compact, and rounded lilac bush that reaches 4-5 ft tall.


A popular woody plant that sprouts colorful flowers. They can grow to become very large over time.

Bridal Wreath

Shrub that produces small white or pinkish buds. It blooms in mid spring and is native to parts of Asia.


Spirea is one of the most popular shrubs  for many landscape uses because they are easy to grow and produce beautiful flowers.


Weigela plants can grow to a height of 6 to 10 feet and produce light pink flowers in late spring to early summer.


Hibiscus flowers usually only bloom for a short time and grow best in well-drained, light soil with lots of sun.

Annabel Hydrangea

Beautiful shrubs that produce round clusters of white flowers in the spring and summertime.

Fruit Trees

Adding fruit trees to your yard is a great way of adding ornamental value to your landscape, and adds a beautiful aesthetic as well. These trees are good for the environment, produce fresh fruit, and attract birds, bees, and butterflies.

Bing Cherry

Produces large delicious cherries that have set the standard cherry flavor that we all know and love.

Black Tartarian

A very popular species of cherry tree that produces dark purple-ish colored fruit. 

Mesabi Cherry

Produces brightly colored cherries that have a tart and juicy flavor. 

Red Diamond

A dwarf cherry plum tree that is robust and resilient to disease and insects. 

Black Ice Plum

Produces dark red delicious fruit ready for picking around mid-summer. Hardy and resilient.

Sweet 16 Apple

Juicy and crisp apple with a very distinct flavor. Ripens from mid to late September.

Snow Sweet Apple

Described as being sweet, rich, and “almost buttery”.

McIntosh Apple

Juicy and crisp with bright white flesh. The tree produces white blossoms in the spring time.

Honeycrisp Apple

Tree that produces an apple that is to some people, the best apple out there. Perfect balance of tart and sweet.

Haralred Apple

A hardy and resilient plant that produces crisp, tart, juicy apples.

Connell Apple

This tree produces large, round, slightly tart apples. It is a hardy plant that is resistant to cold weather.

Ure Pear

A cold resistant tree that grows to be medium sized and produces crisp sweet pears.

Golden Spice Pear

A cold resistant tree that grows to be medium sized. Produces small pears that are suitable for canning or spicing.

Mount Royal Plum

A very hardy tree that produces blue plums that are delicious right off the tree.

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