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We provide incredible landscape services for many locations near Ham Lake, MN.

Looking for landscape services near Ham Lake, MN? Holtz Landscape & Irrigation provides consultations at your property to design residential and commercial landscapes.   We create outdoor areas that are functional and beautiful.  Our landscape designers listen to your wants and needs, give you their recommendations based on the proper landscaping techniques, and then design your plan using your agreed upon materials and placement.  We design for the present and the future.  We pay attention to the details that others overlook. We consider many factors when helping you select rock and plant types, and explain the basis of our recommendations to you.  Our landscaping plan will reflect what we agreed upon at our consultation, which would best allow you to enjoy your outdoor space. We want you to be happy with your yard in 10 years, not just the day our job is completed.
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We consider all factors when designing your landscape.

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When helping you choose the trees, shrubs, and other plants for your yard, or commercial grounds, we use blooming times, watering needs, sunshine needs, maturation size, temperature needs, and soil type needs.  There can also be other factors, on a plant by plant basis, that our landscape designers have consider to ensure that your plants thrive in their chosen location.  Over time, improper plant placement can lead to less blooms, stunted growth, poor foliage color and size, and eventually, requiring a plant to be replaced.  So while you may have a particular plant in mind for a certain spot, we may have to recommend alternatives to keep your yard looking lush and full of life.  The goal is to create an outdoor space you can enjoy all season long by placing each plant in an area that encourages it to be at its most beautiful.

We create all types of landscapes - beautifully & functionally.

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Using rock, block, flagstone, pavers, and boulders can create more usable space.  We design fire pits, patios, walkways, and many other rock type elements for a more aesthetically pleasing area.  Boulder and block walls can be used to help control erosion, while properly placed rock along a homes outside can help stop water from leaking into basements.  There are many ways rock can be used in a landscaping plan to enhance the beauty, and functionality, of a smaller yard, or a larger property. We combine the best of both worlds – beauty and functionality, to create amazing landscapes for you.
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